UAE Holidays – 2019

Below is the list of Holidays in UAE in 2019.
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New Year1 January 2019
Israa Wal Miraj3 April 2019Wednesday1
Half of Shaban month20 April 2019Saturday1
Beginning of Ramadan6 May 2019Monday1
Bader Al-Kubra22 May 2019Wednesday1
Fateh Macca25 May 2019Saturday1
Lailat Al Qader1 June 2019Saturday1
29 / 30 Ramadan3 June 2019Monday1
Eid Al Fitr5 June 2019Wed – Sat4
Arafat (Haj) day10 August 2019Saturday1
Eid Al Adha11 August 2019Sunday3
Hijri New Year31 August 2019Saturday1
Ashura Day9 September 2019Monday1
Flag Day3 November 2019Sunday1
Prophet’s Birthday9 November, 2019Saturday1
Commemoration Day1 December  2019Sunday1
National Day 482 to 3 December, 2019Monday2

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