Secrets from an Abandoned Ghost Town in UAE (Al Madam)

Today we are exploring a location in the outskirts of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Its a location, infamous for a variety of stories and experiences. Many do avoid visiting the place, mentioning the risks and negative vibes. Lets check out if there are any facts in these widespread stories. Also, Lets get into the houses, even though, we might be unwelcomed guests.
This little town is known by different names like Ghost Town, Ghost Village, Abandoned Village, Buried village etc.

I have heard various supernatural stories about the place, and this was the main reason I was fascinated to explore the location.
Lets explore together the views and experiences from Ghost Town. Watch thev video for some amazing views from the Ghost town.

The location is in Al Madam (Sharjah), around 70 Kms from Dubai city.
To be precise, its 10 Kms from Al Madam Town. Many people do ask if a 4×4 is required to reach the place. The answer is, no. Even a sedan car can take you there; only that you will have to walk an extra half a kilomenter. Whereas a 4×4 can take you right into the middle of the Abandoned village.
This old town was once inhabited by Al Kutbi Tribe, one of the prominent tribes in Al Madam. Madam, eventhough 50 kms from Sharjah City, it is under the governance of Sharjah Emirate.

These houses are built as part of a well planned township. They are constructed in 2 identical rows. The area between these 2 rows could have been the main meeting and gathering area. Towards the end of these rows, right in the middle is the town masjid (Mosque). From the size of the Masjid and the number of houses, I estimate a population of less than 100 people lived in this township.

Right outside the Masjid, we see the ablution area along with a washroom. Adjacent to the masjid, there is a the Imam’s (one who leads prayers in the mosque) residence. It has a living area, a kitchen a washroom and a view of the unending desert touching the horizon.

There is a small Minarat alongside the Masjid. Minaret is a tall structure attached to Masjids. Traditionally, the person who calls for the prayer, climbs on top of the Minaret and calls Azan. It was during those days when there was no loud speakers to announce the prayer timings. Times changed, but the Minarets still symbolize the old tradition.

Whatever be the story, today we see a half buried village. The desert sand has crept into the houses. Along with it, reptiles like snakes, sand fish, scorpions and even goats and birds have taken the place of men and women in these houses.

These houses were built around 40 years ago, but abandoned only 20 years back. But why would anyone simply abandon their sweet homes. Why would the people keep the reason a secret. Why are they scared to discuss about it. What have they experienced here, that they would not share with the world! Is this a haunted place? Is it the presence of any supernatural forces. Yes, we are talking about the Jinn. The same Jinn mentioned in the holy scripture. According to the belief, Jinns are different beings like humans and angels. Jinns are not visible to Human Eyes. But, They can see us. Yes the presence of Jinn, is what many believe to be the reason behind abandoning these houses and township.

In some of the rooms, sand has climbed up till the ceiling; and Some dunes have covered the whole house. I got on top of the roof of a buried house, straight from a dune.

While exploring the interiors of a room, I came across a sand fish. It crawled away from me, and hid itself in the sand.

It’s quite evident, that the houses were once, well occupied. On further explorations, I could find used up fire torch lights and food remnants. From the camping left overs in and around the houses, its clear, that there are some adventurous campers visiting the place at night with food and lighting. There are remnants of old furniture, well decorated walls and home appliances like electric fans and lights. But now the interiors are quite spooky and mysterious. I could still imagine families walking around and kids playing in the vicinity. I still could sense the aura of a happy township.

Lately this has turned out to be a spot for photographers who are looking out for a variety in their locations. You can also see occasional 4×4 enthusiasts passing by the dunes.

Coming alone or at night, might be a bit spooky. So the faint hearts kindly get someone alone with you, whom you can trust and not leave you behind in the abandoned village.

From what we have seen and experienced so far, we can conclude that, the place was not abandoned because of any Jinn or supernatural powers; but because of the inhospitable sand. And now the only question is, did the sands have its own will and worked its way, to evacuate the township!

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