Love lake Al Qudra Dubai: Latest Tourish Attraction (2019)

Love Lake Al Qudra Dubai is the latest addition to the already massive list of attractions in the Emirates. People from all walks of life have loved to be at the lake that represents love. Opened for public recently, Love lakes Dubai is fast becoming a favorite place for tourists. Not just that, the residents are also loving the love shaped lake. Having said that, what’s new in the lakes and why should you visit it? Let’s find out.

An Awesome trip through Love Lake Al Qudra Dubai

Love Lake Al Qudra is an all-natural place, full of greenery and an atmosphere anyone can fall in love with. Hundreds of trees around the lakes make it a heaven for greenery lovers in a not so green desert. For kids, and for all nature lovers, there are birds in the water as well as in the air. Bird nests can be seen in the trees that make this place as nature-friendly as it gets. Lake resides a total of 170 species of birds including geese, swans, ducks, and flamingos. Some of the other birds that live here include the endangered Asian Houbara and the Steppe Eagle.

The drive to it may need google assistance if it’s your first time to the Love Lake Al Qudra. But, once that you are near the lake, you will see why it’s worth it. With enough signage all around the roads, it’s an easy way from there on to the lakes. With all the beauty of nature around the lakes, the 30-minutes-drive from the city gives a good view of the skyline throughout the way. Not just that, Love Lake Al Qudra can easily be your favorite place to take your family to. There is so much for every age group that everyone will feel at home with the place.


Almost all of us love socializing, this place will give you some very good shots for your Snapchat, Instagram or any other such social platform. Want to be a star among your social media following? Make a visit to the Love Lake Al Qudra and get some shots everyone is going to love. Don’t miss out on those ducks and swans swimming in the lake. On top of that, it is one of those very few places that are open 24/7. Isn’t it fun already? So much that every time we talk about it, it makes us want to visit it more.

Furthermore, there is a five-star desert resort known as Bab Al Shams, for a nice Arabian dinner and a beautiful view of the sunset. Apart from birds, a general tour through the desert can be taken around the lakes. There also is a cycling track for a ride around the lake. To all the nature lovers and the admirers of the newest attraction! This is your chance of discovering a hidden gem that is the Love Lake Al Qudra Dubai. An instant hit, ever since the crown prince of Dubai shared a picture of the Love Lake with a caption “To all of you”. This surely is every one of us that has ever loved or intends to do so. Come and fall in love all over again.

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Free 24/7

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