Dubai Water Canal: A Complete Guide

Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2km long, artificial canal built with an estimated cost of AED2.7 billion over a time of three years. Dubai Canal that was inaugurated on 9th November 2016, soon became an architectural landmark of the modern world. With a width of 80 to 120 meters, Dubai Water Canal links with Arabian Gulf adding 6km of waterfront. This also creates public space of 80,000sqm.

The best way to go to the Dubai Water Canal is by car or metro. If via car, you can take exit number 49 on Sheikh Zayed road towards Dubai World Trade Centre. If via metro, you can reach Dubai Canal by dropping at Business Bay metro station and crossing the bridge towards the Sheikh Zayed road. Coming to the important question, Is Dubai Water Canal just another attraction? or is it something worth visiting? Let’s get straight to business and find out.

Dubai Water Canal has two levels, known as The Boardwalk. Upper boardwalk is for a clear view of the water without the obstruction of the railing. The lower boardwalk provides direct interaction with the surface of Dubai Canal. It also provides a beautiful walking path to the pedestrians.

What’s there for the visitors at Dubai Water Canal?

  • Dubai Water Canal is a sight you are going to remember for times to come.
  • Dubai Canal has a 3km running track for the jogging enthusiasts.
  • It also has a 12km cycling/skating path for the general public.
  • Dubai Water Canal is situated right across Sheikh Zayed Road, Safa Park and the residential Jumeirah district giving easy access to everyone.
  • Dubai Canal has a mechanical waterfall and the motion-operated system that flows water through the bridge which looks majestic with its lights on.
  • The waterfall switches off with a sensor that detects any nearby boat and can be viewed from a distance free of cost.
  • Dubai Canal has mobile and camera charging stations for visitors.
  • All the lights are solar powered.
  • There are 5 pedestrian bridges making it easy to cross the Dubai Water Canal at any key point. Some of the bridges are famous for having their official names such as The Tolerance Bridge,  Dubai Water Canal FootBridge, The Safa bridge and Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge.
  • All bridges have elevators or escalators on all sides making it easy for people of all ages.  
  • Dubai Canal has a stunning view with lights on, making water flow look even beautiful.
  • This wonder of a place has a 7km promenade that connects with Jumeirah beach running track.
  • Dubai Water Canal has a ferry and on-call water taxi services with 9 marine stations. Dubai Ferry is run by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority – RTA.
  • There is ample parking for either sides of the canal. A better suggestion is to use the one under Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge.

Dubai Canal is only going to get better with hotels, restaurants, luxury residences and other massive upgrades already in the making. Furthermore, Dubai Canal also has a dhow cruise that starts at 8 pm and operates until 10 pm. The 2-hour show cruise has something for all ages. The special glass-enclosed cruise ship gives jaw-dropping views of the canal. Not just that the dhow cruise also has onboard entertainment that will keep you engaged. With beautiful water waves and skyscrapers of the city all around, one could not have asked for more.

Also, dhow Cruise at the Water Canal Dubai has a fine dining experience. Offering tons of varieties starting first from appetizers, and then salads. The main course has plenty of options too followed by desserts. While you enjoy these delicious cuisines, the traditional Tanoura dancers will keep you engaged. Tickets for the dhow cruise at Dubai Canal start at 120AED for kids and 160AED for adults. All this and much more at Dubai Water Canal makes this place worthy of a visit and most noteworthy a lifetime experience.

Timings: Dubai Water Canal can be visited 24/7. But the water fall is closed by 8:00 AM and starts only by 6:00 PM.

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